E-Liquid Brands,LLC has been producing e-liquids since 2009.  We are located in Charlotte, NC.  Since 2009 we have steadily grown and are now proud to produce some of the finest e-liquids in the United Sates. In 2016, we launched our own website and now distribute 3rd party e-liquids along with our own brands, offering stores a one-stop shop for all of their e-liquid needs. 

E-Liquid Brands,LLC has three core values that are inherent in every bottle that we make or distribute.

  • Trust  E-liquids Brands, LLC was founded in the premise that our industry will be here for the long run.  As a result, earning and maintaining the consumers’ trust is of paramount importance.  Thus, we test every liquid for DA/AP and are constantly working with our toxicology consultant to make sure that all ingredients meet stringent quality requirements.
  • Integrity  We design and work with brands which are not marketed to youth and/or infringe on another company’s trademark. Long term we believe that operating with integrity will pay off and position us to work with regulators around the world.
  • Add Value  To create a long term viable industry we need to make sure that all participants from the consumer, the retailer, the wholesaler, the brand owner and the manufacturer  receive a fair value for their role in the industry.  This value starts with the consumer who should receive a quality product produced in a great lab for a fair value.  However, if the store owners or the distributors do not receive a fair value proposition as well, our industry cannot prosper.   

             E-Liquids Brands,LLC was founded on the premise that our industry will be here for the long run. This means aligning ourselves with brands that share our same beliefs, act responsibly and with integrity.  All brands that are sold on our website are nationally recognized, are manufactured in a lab, tested for AP/DA, and follow AEMSA guidelines. Most importantly each company also allocates resources toward making sure our industry will withstand the future

            E-Liquid Brands,LLC does not condone trademark infringement or marketing to the youth. This is why we are so selective in the brands we offer. This also helps protect our industry from outside criticism.  For all of these reasons listed above, E-Liquid Brands stands behind their core values and will continue to do so into the future